The distinctive features of the climate of Menorca are three: a generally mild heat level, precipitation and extremely low or very Abundate, and a thermal oscillations and rainfall annual major TIMP coinciding with the warm season dry season in Menorca to comply with these conditions almost exactly as the annual average is between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius, very nice values. This will, 'mp Varcoe reatira exaggerated, or in one way or another during the warm months of summer or the cold of winter. In the months of July and August average temperatures reach 24 degrees Celsius, while in January and February the average drop to 11 degrees. For this reason the snow is a phenomenon so rare on the island when you have come to occur persistently, the fact remained in the memory to the Menorquins through legends and songs, or in common terminology, with the nickname of the snow year, implemented a few years of each century in the snows that have been extraordinary as the picture illustrates the last snowfall in winter 2004.


nieve en menorca


The distribution of rainfall during the months of the year is also very uneven, thus, in a normal rainfall pattern corresponds to the maximum seasonal fall of rain, with 45% of the annual total, and more specifically the month of October, with average monthly rainfall of about 100 mm. It is in the month of October when autumn rains produce great characteristic of the Mediterranean and often has catastrophic consequences in the lands of the continent. Our island however, their small size and the absence and the absence of major accidents that create and revive orographic disturbances leading to torrential downpours, is less affected by this phenomenon than the mainland, or even the neighboring Mallorca. So, not known in Menorca than 200 mm rainfall in one day. corresponding to the maximum so far. 


tormenta en menorca


The month of July on the other hand has the lowest average monthly rainfall with a value of 4 mm. However, the months June and August, monthly averages are not much higher, 13 and 16 mm respectively. May has an average value slightly greater than 25 mm. Dry months are those that characterize the Mediterranean summers, although there are cases that this drought could extend to other rainy months.

Another important weather Menorca is the wind but unlike the rain and the temperature does not have any specific feature that may relate to an ideal Mediterranean climate. The role of wind in Menorca is obvious. But the wind is not a meteorological phenomenon in Menorca as often as is often said. Yet it is undeniable that the weather in Menorca is characterized by episodes of the famous Tramontana which can be described as strong with a speed exceeding 60 km an hour, with a maximum of 20 hours


tormenta en es grao menorca