It is an island latidud: 39.87N, Longitude: 4.23E 700 m2 in the middle of the western Mediterranean consists of 8 municipalities: the capital Mahon, Es Castell, Sant Lluis, Alaior, Es Mercadal, is migjorn Gran, Ferreries, Ciutadella, the length of the island from west to east than barely 50 Km, which go far, its beaches and coves of great quality, make it this island virtually unique in contrast to other international destinations since in Menorca is given what elsewhere it is not customary to give,; first love of island inhabitants, craft markets, prehistoric monuments, memories of yesterday in their neighborhoods, local food products, all imbued with an exquisite quiet enclosure. By size, it is the second Balearic archipelago, the northernmost and easternmost. His historical trajectory, subject to many vagaries conquered since antiquity, and the traces have left the successive occupants, printed an original and different context, so it should not surprise the extensive literature that generated the island. And lots of places to see and poise.


 Many efforts to maintain a territory able to progress and support elements are compatible. There is a natural park, and over 40 percent are legally protected. In Menorca the visitor will find wealth of natural and historical heritage. In Menorca you can enjoy several beaches, but also find


Offers tours and walking tours, horseback, by boat or bicycle, as well as a variety of archaeological places, caves and monuments, festivals and traditions steeped in history, restaurants to sample the rich cuisine and terraces island night where to spend pleasant evenings. Menorca the most easterly of the Balearic Islands, has an area of 701.84 square km and a coastline of 216 km LENGTH. Its territory is divided into eight municipalities Mahon, Ciutadella, Alayor, Villacarlos, Ferrerias, Mercadal, San Luis, Migjorn Gran, in which some 70,000 live habitandtes throughout the year.

 The island is very flat, Monte Toro, with 358 meters high, is the highest peak. The terrain is quite varied, which gives it a great diversity of landscapes: the north is based on the different materials were primary, secondary and quaternari, forming a rugged coastline, south, instead shows the tertiary limestone platform, crossed by ravines and rich vegetation, leading to white sand beaches. Geographic features worth mentioning are also the natural puero Mahon, considered one of the safest in the Mediterranean.


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On the island now home to about 80,000 people (31,000 in Mahon, Ciutadella 24,000 in 4000 Ferreries, Alaior 7000, 4000 Mercadal, Es Castell or Villacarlos 6000, Sant Lluis approx 4000 figures.), Still far from creating large crowds caused by population growth. During the summer season the number of doubles but still very high amount of scenery that can be enjoyed by people.

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Biosphere Reserve:

In 1970 Unesco launched a project called "Man and Biosphere", which aim was to bring together the mind and the use of natural resources and to take their first steps towards the current concept of sustainable development, the possibility of improving arises technology and social organization so that the environment can recover at the same rate that is affected by human activity. As part of the geographical areas representative of different habitats on the planet, covering both terrestrial and maritime be selected. 1993 Minorca being one.


In 1993 Menorca was awarded the title of Biosphere Reserve, granted by Unesco. This statement means good support for those who advocate a model of non aggressive growth, wishing to preserve natural and landscape values. The Law of Natural Areas, has given different levels of protection to almost half of the island territory.