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Conditions to rent a car with Easymenorca.

In our prices you are included:

       -In The price is included that will deliver the car at the Mahon Menorca Airport, Port Mahon (Ferry Terminal arrivals), bus station, you must provide us your arrival time and in case at the airport we require the flight number.

       -The I.V.A. 21% is always included.

       -The Unlimited Mileage is included.

       -Insurance damage without excess, except in these vehicles:

           -Group F Nissan Primastar or the like 8-9 squares is 300 euros.
          -Group E1 Opel Zafira, Chevrolet Orlando 7-seater which is 300 euros.
           Note: In both groups there is the option to remove excess paying an extra 8 euros a day.

           -Do not charge for second driver or by a third party are free.

       -You can cancel your reservation at least 72 hours without additional costs. If the deadline is not met will be charged 50 euros.

       -Our petrol policy is simple you have to leave the same petrol than when we deliver to you the car.

       -You Can pay us by credit card, debit card or cash.

       -For Peace of mind we offer insurance that covers everything except blows to the underside of the vehicle that follow:


In Our price is not including:

       -Damage Caused to the car by negligence, drunk driving, drug abuse, reckless driving, etc.

       -Damage Caused by smoking in the vehicle, cigarette burns in seats or other car parts.

       -Damage To the engine by misuse or neglect.

       -Damage Underside of the car and heel.

       -Theft vehicle with the keys in the ignition. In case of theft you should bring us the vehicle key.

       -Dents Caused by carrying objects on the roof of the car or get on it.

For 4 euros a day we offer our full insurance:

        -Repostaje Wrong fuel.

        -Loss Of keys or remotes should not hire the cost ranges from 120-180 euros.

        -Damage Or broken wheels, tires and moons.

        -Damage Or loss of wipers, tank cover, antenna.

        -Damage Mirrors or breakage.

Note that:

        -We request a minimum of 2 years of license and 24 years of age. In case you're younger contact us by phone or send us an email.

        -We Reserve the right to replace the car if you're guilty of an accident.

        -Not refund any amount for early return of the vehicle.

        -In Our fleet vehicles have mostly unleaded gasoline but some also can not guarantee the diesel fuel due to availability.

        -If you need to invoice a company name please alerts the person giving you the car, so you will have it at the time.

        -Remember that it is forbidden to take the car to the island under any circumstances.

        -Remember we also offer extras such:


         -Chairs Baby, lifters with and without backrest

Pick up and delivery at the ariport - With us you dont have take a bus..

The price you see is the final price, no hidden extras

You don´t have to pay extra for petrol, you have to leave the same petrol.